Sunday, October 16, 2011

Body Piercings/Body Parts

Hey Peeps—

I realize there are huge problems in the world.  I really do.  I understand that there are wars, famine, drugs…all those things are real and hard and sad.  But can we, just for a second, talk about my problems?  I feel I need to share that for the past month, my very best bra in the world was missing the underwire on one side.  And being that it is the best bra I own, I continued to wear it, asymmetrically challenged and all.   You might be wondering why I wouldn’t just run over to the mall and get another one, then again, you might just be wondering why I’d share publically a story about my undergarments.  You are right to be concerned on all accounts.

Finally Friday night rolled around, and with a bit of a break in my nursing school schedule, I made a date night with my daughter to head over to the mall for a little “Mommy and Faith” time.  Oddly enough, it sounds like I had some sort of revival, and I guess you could say, in a way, I did.   Faith is eight years old, very sweet, and full of zest for any kind of adventure.  Spending any amount of time with her tends to make a person feel alive and happy.  Faith’s been asking to get her ears pierced for a few months now, and we decided that time had finally arrived! And what better way to spend an evening, than to make memories with a good friend?  Fancy Boots Alicia and her daughter Josie met us for dinner, then together we walked to Claire’s to take the plunge. 

Faith went first…she sat and listened to the young girl who was about to put holes in my little girl’s head.  All I could do was watch and wonder if she was using sterile technique.  I looked at the piercing gun and thought about all the different blood borne diseases I’ve learned about recently.  Then I wondered how come some 17 year old girl is allowed to use that kind of equipment without going to nursing school.  I asked her about what kind of training she’d had.  She said, “Oh, I watched a ton of videos”.  Her response did not allay my fears. 

Faith wasn’t afraid though.  She sat completely still as “Jasmine” marked her ears and asked me to look and make sure they were equal.  I guess they didn’t teach her that on the videos.  When it was time to inject the lobe, Faith looked straight ahead and barely flinched.  Both ears were done in less than a minute, and suddenly my little girl wore earrings.   Fittingly she smiled from ear to ear, while looking in the mirror at herself.  Over and over she said, “I can’t believe I just got my ears pierced!”

Josie went next, and handled it wonderfully.  Alicia and I watched the girls peruse  all the hundreds of earrings to pick out something special.  I felt that we mom’s needed to get sparkling tiaras, and perhaps a fancy sash that said “best mom ever” but in the end it wasn’t about us, but all about our girls. 

And speaking of “the girls”, after all the ear piercing excitement, Faith and I headed over to the Body Gap and I bought myself a couple of new bras.  Faith informed me that she also needed a bra, but after a little discussion, we decided we’d wait a little while on that, and just focus for now on our ears, rather than, um, other stuff.  And I’m happy to report, not only are Faith’s ears symmetrical, but once again, so am I.

Faith and I wrapped up our fun night in my bed cuddling and catching up on a few shows we’ve missed due to my crazy schedule.  I told her I was so happy to get to spend the evening with her, and how pretty she looked with her new bejeweled little ears. She was so proud of herself and couldn’t wait to show her new look to her daddy.   To us as parents, this particular night represents another link in the chain of our daughter’s childhood.  Part of me loves to see her becoming a young lady, and part of me is completely heartbroken that she is no longer my baby girl.  And so on Monday, when I feel the heavy burden of Nursing school weighing me down, I will cling to the memories our family continues to make, and thank the Good Lord for a night of revival with my sweet Faith. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Comfort food for a Monday

Hey Peeps—

Just now I couldn’t decide which was more unhealthy for me: 1 oreo or 2 fig newtons.  I went ahead and had both options just to be safe.  It’s just one girls’s opinion, but I think sometimes you have to live unconstrained and free spirited, in order to make it through a Monday. 

Today is particularly difficult for a few reasons.  If you’ll allow, I’d like to share why.  The first reason I’m eating multiple kinds of cookies is that I have a bloody eye ball.  Now that’s three words I’d like to never type together again.  I blame nursing school for the blood vessels that felt the need to erupt all over the right window to my soul, allowing everyone I’ve talked to for three days to look inside my soul and get a pretty nasty glimpse of ick.   My good friend Grace had the courage, like good friends often do, to ask if I had been constipated.   I feel my GI system is working fine, thank you, and am happy to dispel any rumors that may be going around. 

The second reason I’m eating comfort foods has more to do with pure exhaustion, than anything else.  Can I brag, just for a real quick second?  This past weekend was amazing!  I got to see Amy Grant perform at the Women of Faith conference, and then AGAIN, in Cheyenne, WY on Sunday night!  Listen up people, Amy Grant is my favorite, and I know I may have lost a bunch of you because of that , but let me just say not only is she a talented musician, she’s a real life woman who would admit, is never far from the grace of God.  Seeing her in Cheyenne was a huge treat, as my sister and I went together, with our sweet husbands.  Roger, a pastor with a huge heart, let me sit in the second row with my sister, so I could be even closer to the action.  Laura and I stared at Amy like a couple of teenagers—remembering back to our youth and singing the songs that meant so much to us while we were growing up.  We tried to yell, “We love you Amy!” several times, but got the giggles and couldn’t ever follow through.  I’m pretty sure Amy knew it by our big grins and enthusiastic clapping, as she sang her songs only a few feet away.  What a great night I will remember always.

The third reason I’m eating multiple cookies, has to do with the fact that my oldest son, at 11 years old has left home for Outdoor Lab.  It’s a rite of passage for 6th graders here in Jefferson County, and today was Jack’s turn to head up the mountains for a week full of adventure.   I woke up extra early to be sure we had everything he needed.  I tried to sneak him some candy, but he saw it and said, “Mom! NOOOOO Candy!  Mr. Burns said you can’t bring any!”  I suggested he just sneak it anyway, and not eat it in front of Mr. Burns.  Jack’s condescending eyes glared at me, as he took the Reeses back to the cupboard for safe-keeping.  Sometimes I wonder what I did to get a kid who loves rules so much. 

Billy took the kids to school, since I had a test and lecture I couldn’t miss.  He texted me a play by play of all the moms who were crying with him, as the kids ran around getting ready to load the bus.  I choked back tears as I took my test, and tried to not feel completely guilty for not being there for Jack.  Billy stayed for as long as possible, and then headed off to his workday as well.  And just like that, Jack’s gone for three nights, completely out of my care and away from my ever watchful eye.  It’s not that I’m not afraid of phone calls about disobedience (see previous paragraph), I worry about the phone call that says he’s hurt, or lonely, or needs me.  I worry that he forgets who he is, or that he forgets to tell God he’s scared.  I worry he’ll come home a little more grown up, and might not be the kind of kid who needs to hug his mom anymore.  I wonder how I’ll be able to let him go off to college when I can barely let him go up to Bailey. 

There’s no time to cry about life all day though, right?  I have two other kids about to come home to a crazy Monday night of folders and homework, and trust me, if I eat the whole bag of Oreos, Faith is NOT going to be happy with me.  We’ll go out front, ride scooters, and Will, no doubt, will compulsively rake all the leaves in the yard.  We’ll talk over dinner, about our day, and we’ll say a prayer for Jack to be having fun.  The day I became Jack’s mom was the first time I ever knew real heartache.  It was the first day I knew I would have to begin to let go.