Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saving lives and science fairs...all in a days work

Hey Peeps—

At about what age is it normal to have heartburn after eating a cookie?  I feel like they should have covered this in nursing school, but someone neglected to do so.  I wonder if I have some weird esophageal cancer thing going on, or if I’m just experiencing the natural progression of the aging process.  The bottom line is I’m exhausted, and a cookie on my counter was all I could find to eat without having to expend any energy.  Did you know it’s hard to eat a cookie while lying down?  In fact it is, and even more so, when one is drooling from being too tired to swallow.

Yes, I’m absolutely more tired than I’ve ever been in my life, except for the years from 2000-2007, when I had children in diapers.  Having a job is one thing, but having a job where I have to be learning every second of the day is super hard.  (They did tell me to expect this in nursing school but I pretended they were joking.  They weren’t. )  Literally from the second I arrive, till the minute I clock out, I’m learning something new.  And I’m on my feet for 8 ½ hours straight.  And don’t even get me started about not getting a chance to pee.  The point is having a job is great and all, but boy, starting a career at 40--it’s not for the faint of heart. 

Yesterday after a hard day of saving lives, I stopped to pick up my children on the way home.  I happened to notice the display board in front of the school and it said “Science Fair tomorrow”.  I thought, “Oh gosh, they posted the wrong date, how embarrassing for them.  Someone ought to double check those kind of details”.  When I got home, there were two more papers in the kid’s folders with information about the science fair…tomorrow.  So, in my typical impulsive approach to life, I screamed and called to Billy who was trying to work in the basement.  Looking back on the situation, I fear my screams may have intensified the situation.  Billy came upstairs to hear the new that we only have a day left to prepare, and it was at this point he removed his glasses and began to rub his head vigorously.

Right about this time, Jack popped into our tense conversation to tell me he needed a new composition notebook for class.  “Oh and also a sketch book, with no lines, that you can pick up from Michael’s.”  And “I need them tomorrow or else I’ll get a bad grade”.  I considered going up to my bedroom and locking the door.  But I was too hungry and knew I had to go out and get dinner while Billy and Will went into warp speed with Science Fair preparations.  Faith and I headed to Costco, me in tears from exhaustion, while she sat quietly.  I’m pretty sure she was wondering why God gave her such an unstable mother.  I gathered myself, and even though my eyes were swollen and my nose red, we headed into Costco as I told Faith, “Let’s do this fast, and try not to see anyone we know”.  In all, we saw ten people we knew.  Including my boss from work.  Not joking.   Does that seem ironic to anyone else? Yeah, me too.   I couldn’t wait to get home, put on stretchy pants, and watch the Biggest Loser while eating a large bag of caramel corn. 

I’m so thankful for today.  I have a couple days off, and time to regroup.  I was able to get some groceries, so the children don’t have to eat granola for lunch.  I devoted a bit of time to finding my belt as well, since Billy, in his “helpfulness” put it away for me.  Can any men out there tell me why he’d put in with my underwear, rather than in my pant’s drawer?  I’m so confused. 

And the best part of my day comes in about an hour when I get to go to Will’s Science Fair and see his hard work on display. He and Billy have been working so hard for the last month, making a mess in my kitchen, and learning about science together.  He chose to talk about chemical reactions, ions, molecules…stuff like that that.  He and Billy are two nerds in a pod.  And tonight we’ll celebrate with Bubba Burgers and brownies.  I hope Will’s as proud of himself, as we are of him. 

Life is busy, and we are all changing, growing, and learning to deal with the stress that comes our way.  Sometimes we scream, cry, and rub our heads.  Sometimes we mess up schedules and dates, and have to work twice as hard and get way less sleep than we want.  Sometimes all we can do is put on stretchy pants, gather up our loved ones, and enjoy the gift of laughter.  But honestly, the best part of living this hard life is being able to rest in knowing that God will give us what we need to get through.  I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true.  God is good.  And life is good.