Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mothers day has past, but I continue to Mother

Hey Peeps—

First things first.  I know you've been on the edge of your seat wondering how Billy's canoe trip went.  Good news: He came home alive.  He didn't even have one single brush with death, except for the two times he was thrown from his canoe into icy, rushing, Class 2 rapids.  He survived thanks to a lifejacket, and even better, he never felt one bite from the Western Slope piranha.  He lucked out.  Big time.

Recently at dinner there was an argument over what kind of nerd it is better to be. (ie. Comic book nerd verses Star Wars nerd) For instance, a comic book nerd usually lives in his mother's basement and has a perpetual runny nose.  A Star Wars nerd just quotes the movie whenever possible, and likes to discuss all 27 of them in detail.   Also, sometimes they dress up like a storm trooper.  You might see a comic book or two lying around my house, however, Billy and Jack lean way more to the Star Wars nerd side. Tonight while we were eating at Chick fil a with our friends Mark and Beth, a nice Asian man decided to join the conversation with our children about Star Wars. (See, I told you, they talk about it, even in public)  Before I knew it, Jack was nervously defending his favorite "Episode" to the stranger while Billy looked on--with one simple tear of pride running down his hairy face. 

This is my reality people. 

Speaking of reality, I think you should know there are 7 people now living in my house.  Before March 28, 2014, there were only 5 of us.  Then we brought home a precious little girl we will soon adopt.  Now, as of mid-May, we have another person--our 21 year old nephew, Taylor, who has taken up residence in the basement.  He shares a living space with the dog's kennel, our elliptical, Billy's workspace, and the nerf gun collection, which I like to call an "Armory of Nerf Weaponry".  (I actually just made that up, and it's hard to say out loud.  Try it.  I dare you) Taylor has about 4X6 feet of living space.  He isn't complaining, in fact he said it's much better than last summer.  That's when he lived in a barn.  I like a person who lives with their cup half full.

Anyway, Taylor is here to be an intern at our church this summer.  He will hang out with the youth group, and whatever else I tell him to do.  All our kids are very happy to have Tay around.  Not only is he sweet, he's willing to sit and chat about Star Wars, even though he hates it as much as I do.  Tay and I have a bond, since I was his nanny when he was a toddler, and we went on "ventures".  I pretty much consider him my first kid, and credit myself with all his good qualities. 

Being a mom is something special isn't it?  I hope you were able to reflect on that, this past Mother's Day despite the dreary, cold weather.  All my kids, including Taylor, have taught me how to be a mom that strives to be selfless, compassionate, and patient.  Most days I fail, and fall flat on my face.  But then there are those sweet days when I get it right, and I see my kids through the eyes of God.  They are so kind and patient with me.  And most of all, they are always willing to forgive this wrecking ball of a mom.  Lord knows I've had to say sorry a million times over, and never once have they said, "Nope mom, not this time."  I am so proud of my kids, and who they are becoming.  Just today, Faith participated in her school's Wax Museum.  She represented Corrie Ten Boom from World War 2 who helped save many Jews from being arrested.  Faith boldly spoke about Corrie, and how she preached a message of forgiveness because of her faith in God.  Watching Faith portray Corrie gave me goosebumps!  I was beaming with pride, not in how well she spoke in public, or how pretty her poster was, but in the fact that Faith was not afraid to speak about someone who followed God with her whole heart.  It was amazing. 

Mother's Day is such a silly holiday.  Every day is my day, even the hard ones.  God's given me four special kids, and for a few months, I get to have my nephew back.  I cherish this season of my life, having a 21 year old, all the way down to 2 years old.  The house is crowded, and we look like a nice Mormon family whenever we are out in public.  Lord knows the bathrooms will need to be cleaned often, but this house is full of love.  There will be laughter, helping, learning, and growing.  We may trip over each other, but we will be there to pick each other up too.  There's always work to be done, but as I learn to live in the moment, I will set aside the work and get on the floor to play.  I might even do a science project with Will.  Or go on a "venture" with Taylor.  Or teach Faith to bake.  Or build something with Jack.  Or put the same puzzle together over and over with our little one.  I am so thankful for my kids.  What a gift it is to be called "Mom".  God is good.